Company Profile



Insilico is a high-value chemical company that develops and produces new materials at a low-cost and high-performance on the basis of fusion technology of chemistry and IT (molecular modeling and informatics*) and also develops related software and provides consulting services.


Insilico realizes a new innovation of epoch-making cooperation environment in the entire processes from material designing by molecular modeling, laboratory, manufacturing to quality control.


As R&D-oriented company to develop new fields, we are actively involved in the development of materials of advanced concept and high technology on the basis of "excellent human resources" and "stable organization".


Based on our technology that has been accumulated through consistent investment and R&D and superior product quality, we are preoccupying both domestic and overseas functional microcapsule product market. Recently, we have succeeded in developing an environment-friendly and fluorine-free textile water repellent and expanding our markets.


In addition, we have developed TechneMine® (technology asset management system) to help a company efficiently manage its R&D information and contracted a licensing agreement with Dassault Systems BIOVIA to sell TechneMine®.





* What is molecular modeling and informatics?


It is an innovative experiment methodology that enables the development of a new material at a low-cost and high-performance in a short period. It uses computer-based virtual screening to select out chemicals that can be effective for a certain purpose before actual experiment.


Molecular modeling technique has been utilized for the development of various new materials for functional additives, polymer, catalyst, storage substance and battery and acknowledged as an effective and certified method.






DEC Official launch of TechneMine 2017

JUL Official launch of erasable microcapsule and reverse thermochromic microcapsule





APR Completed Second Ansan Plant (Manufacturing Water Repellent for Textile)





SEP Changed company name to Insilico Co. Ltd.(New unified company from Insilicotech Co. Ltd. and Polychrom Co. Ltd.)

APR TechneMine in-licensing with 3DS BIOVIA





DEC Awarded Ten million Tower Industrial Award from president of Korea (Polychrom Co. Ltd.)

NOV Acquired Polychrom Co. Ltd. as subsidiary

NOV Allotment of capital increase to the third party (KTB Network Co., Ltd and etc.): 18 times, 3.6 billion won

JUN Certified as a Employee Invention Compensation Company from KIPO

JAN Many contract research and professional service on material design and informatics (2003~)





JUN Battery simulation interface for Ministry of Knowledge and Economy (5 yrs)

MAR Certified as a ISO 9001:2008 (Polychrom Co. Ltd.)

MAR Official launch of our own solution, TechneMine





JUN Certified as a Research & Development Company

MAY Moved to new office located in Pangyo Technovalley in Seongnam





JAN Intestinal/Organ Permission Prediction Project (2007~)





OCT Molecular design on dye and pigment for Ministry of Knowledge and Economy (5 yrs)





FEB Certified as a official INNO-BIZ Company





JAN To start TechneMineTM development





JUN To start the research project on DDS supported by Ministry of Agriculture (3 yrs)





SEP Awarded Most Prospective Minor Enterprise by Kyunggi-do (Polychrom Co. Ltd.)





DEC Certified as a Venture Company

OCT Certified as a Company-affiliated R&D Institutes

OCT To start the development of hydrogen storage material supported by MOST (10 yrs)





NOV Foundation of Insilicotech Co. Ltd. along with technical consulting contract with BIOVIA





NOV Foundation of Polychrom Co. Ltd.



Organizational Chart




Corporate Planning Division


Business Support Team (BS)

finance/accounting, personnel/labor, general affairs, purchase


Strategic Planning Team (SP)

business planning, research analysis, marketing, PR, IP



Quality Management Division

Quality Management


Corporate R&D Center


Material Design Team (MD)

new material designing on the basis of molecular modeling and informatics, contract research service


Capsule Development Team (CD)

R&D of microcapsule products


New Material Development Team (ND)

R&D of new material fields such as water repellent, functional pigment, microcapsule ink and etc.


Material Business Unit


Material Sales Team (MS)

domestic and overseas sales of microcapsules and functional materials


Material Manufacturing Team (MM)

production management, manufacturing and facility management of microcapsules
and functional materials


Information Business Unit


Solution Consulting Division


Total Solution Team (TS)

sales/technical support of BIOVIA enterprise solution


Simulation Solution Team (SS)

sales/technical support of BIOVIA simulation solution


Solution Technology Division


Solution Development Team (SD)

development of TechneMine®


Professional Service Team (PS)

system construction and integration service


Corporate Identity




Symbol Mark


Insilico adopts C of Chemistry as its symbol mark.
It symbolizes chemical molecules and visually conceptualizes the docking
of two chemicals by molecular modeling.
Therefore, it connotes the aspiration and will of Insilico to leap
into the world market as a global leader in chemical and software industry.




Logo Type


Color options are basic or white when used on a background.
The logo is designed with the official name of Insilico. It must not be altered.