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What is microcapsule?




about Microcapsule


Microcapsule is a micro(㎛)-sized granulated capsule with the purpose of protecting essential material or controlling the releases of it by wrapping essential material with a certain high molecular substance.



Product category


By kind of essential material contained in a capsule, microcapsule products are divided into thermochromic microcapsule (Chameleon T, Bichrom T), photochromic microcapsule (Chameleon UVC, Bichrom P), aroma microcapsule (AromaBall), functional microcapsule (BioBall, SF-Ball, HunterBall, AmosBall), and thermal storage microcapsule (ThermoBall). Microcapsule pigments include slurry pigment for aqueous material and powder pigment for oily material.



Insilico will keep developing better and more diverse products through tireless effort of R&D and become a leading company in the world market of capsulation and functional materials.








Research Areas




Chameleon T Series
Chameleon T, Bichrom T Series : Thermochromic Microcapsule


Chameleon T is characterized with the appearance of color in low temperature and disappearance of color in high temperature. Bichrom is a thermochromic microcapsule that color in low temperature changes to other color as temperature goes up. Its colors are diverse in the temperature range of 0 through 70℃. To enhance the quality of the products which can customize consumers’ needs, we proceed with R&D for color development, color variation on temperature, thermal resistance and endurance.




Chameleon UVC Series
Chameleon UVC, Bichrom P Series : Photochromic Microcapsule


Chameleon UVC does not form color in lightless environment but once exposed to light, it reveals color. Otherwise, Bichrom P is a reversible photochromic microcapsule that its color in lightless state changes to other color once exposed to light. To enhance the quality of the products which can customize consumers’ needs, we proceed with R&D for color development, color variation on temperature, thermal resistance and endurance.




AromaBall, BioBall Series : Aroma and Functional Microcapsule


AromaBall and BioBall are the products capsulized to increase the release durability of fat-soluble aroma and functional oil. We proceed with R&D for persistent release of aroma, functional component and diversification of product lines.




Capsule Development
R&D for Microcapsule Products of Color Formation in High-temperature


While Chameleon T loses its color as temperature rises, microcapsule product of color formation in high-temperature is a thermal-sensitive microcapsule of which color is revealed as temperature goes up (no color revelation in low temperature). We proceed with R&D for the product of which property is opposite to existing Chameleon T product.




Capsule Development
R&D for Atomized Aroma and Functional Microcapsule Products with High-temperature Durability


It is very difficult to apply existing aroma and functional microcapsules to weaving process because they had weak heat-resisting property and durability and relative large particle size. To solve this problem, we proceed with R&D to improve the heat resistance of capsule exterior, to develop sub- microcapsule of which average size is below 1㎛ and eventually to develop aroma and functional sub- microcapsule product that can endure in thread weaving process of over 260oC.


Our final target products to develop are cosmetic textile with property of cellulite dissolution, moisturizing and firming and human body-friendly sustained release fabric with property of aroma therapy. Besides, Insilico is carrying out several government projects as a market leader in the field of microcapsule development and production while overcoming technological limit and developing applicable products.




Capsule Development
Development and Technical Support of Microcapsule Special Ink


By applying thermochromic, photochromic, aromatic and functional microcapsule pigments that we have developed so far, Insilico is making effort to develop water and oil typed-microcapsule special ink that can be used for various printing system.


We target several printing methods including screen, gravure, offset and flexography. Each of these printing techniques requires ink of different viscosity and material property. In particular, relatively large-sized capsule pigment is applied to microcapsule ink. Therefore, the dispersibility of the pigment is very important. We proceed with R&D for improvement of dispersibility, dispersant added to ink, dispersion process and ink binding of microcapsule pigment, which are necessary to develop diverse kinds of ink, and to satisfy customers’ needs.




Capsule Development
Customized Encapsulation Service Support


Besides our capsulized products, Insilico is providing customers a customized encapsulation support for fat-soluble essential materials (aromatic and functional materials). To enable this service, Insilico’s R&D center proceeds with pilot studies and encapsulation pre-test and supports customized development and mass production that customers want.




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